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 [Official] Tibia Auto 11.00 + crack Download

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Data de inscrição : 23/07/2012

[Official] Tibia Auto 11.00 + crack Download Empty
MensagemAssunto: [Official] Tibia Auto 11.00 + crack Download   [Official] Tibia Auto 11.00 + crack Download EmptySex Set 16, 2016 3:28 pm

[Official] Tibia Auto 11.00 + crack Download

TibiaAuto has long been used bot among players who do not intend to pay for the macro.
Tibiaauto was and how to ensure autrozy - will remain free. Lots of interesting features,
clean interface make the bot is perfect for less experienced players. Great automatic botting.
We can set up virtually everything Tibiaauto allows us to unlimited manipulation of parameters.
Here are some features:

[Official] Tibia Auto 11.00 + crack Download Tibia-aut_wxaaewp



Cave bot tools (Auto Attack) - Autoexpienie.
UH Auto - Automatically Use of UH runes or IH
Fluid Drinker - Automatic use Mana fluid.
Ammo restack - Create ammunition Palladin and raising arms
Show map - shows map.
Enable light - turns Light Hack.
Auto grouping - Automatic grouping of objects (eg. Instead of 2x 4x 2 fish will fish)
adds objects to each other, if August da.
Rune maker - Twozenie Runek.
Spell Caster - Entering the values given above mana spell what you type, or treatment
Under the spell of HP. Also to train Magic's level.
Auto him / log - Alarm, logoff mode paranoia, if you will get the GM, monster, man,
when we have less mana, life, no blanks, etc ...
Auto fish - Automatic half as fish.
Auto Respond - Automatic deductions.
Food eater - Automatically eat food which we have in the open BP.
Char info - Shows news about our account.
Monsters - Shows where there is the monster, man, also the level of the top and down! Very helpful!
Trade Monitor - to monitor the trade channel
Creature info - Information about monsters, people
Load confing - From here you can load a saved on the hard confing
Save confing - From here you can save on your config tibiauto


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[Official] Tibia Auto 11.00 + crack Download
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