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 Bots for Tibia 11.00 - iBot 11.00 / BBot 11.00 / XenoBot 11.00 + crack Official Download

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Data de inscrição : 23/07/2012

Bots for Tibia 11.00 - iBot 11.00 / BBot 11.00 / XenoBot 11.00 + crack Official Download Empty
MensagemAssunto: Bots for Tibia 11.00 - iBot 11.00 / BBot 11.00 / XenoBot 11.00 + crack Official Download   Bots for Tibia 11.00 - iBot 11.00 / BBot 11.00 / XenoBot 11.00 + crack Official Download EmptySex Set 16, 2016 3:20 pm

Bots for Tibia 11.00 - iBot 11.00 / BBot 11.00 / XenoBot 11.00 + crack Official Download

[Official] iBot Tibia 11.00 + crack download

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Key Simulate - Simulate key presses and mouse clicks so that you are still free to use your mouse and keyboard.
Simplicity and Flexibility - Built for both simplicity and flexibility in mind to let you do even the more advanced things at the press of a few buttons or writing of a few words.
Alerts System - A basic integrated Alerts system that display informations such: player on screen, player attacking, creature on screen, items counts, messages, player's capacity, hunt time and etc...
Healing / Mana System - Advanced integrated healing/mana restore system that lets you heal with multiple spells, potions and runes, and can use exact values or percentages.
Script System - Script system that lets you do actions at the press of a button or automatically, based on certain conditions.
HUD - Displays practical information on screen for convenience and to assist you in taking choices during your gameplay.
Check to Enabled - Many features in the iBot are implemented in script so you can just enabled them if you want, but you may also adjust them to your liking.
All The Basics - All the basic things such as equipping ammunition, rings, amulets, picking up loot into backpacks, moving things around inventory, using items, saying things, casting spells, buying and selling items, etc.
Change Floors - Goes up and down ramps, ladders, stairs, rope spots, shovel spots, opens doors, uses sewer grates, etc.
Automatic Refills - Deposits gold and items, refills potions, talks with NPCs and travels with just a few simple script commands.
Saving Time - Has different ways of walking accross caves that may save time by avoiding areas with no monsters spawned.
Settings - May be set up to kill different monsters with a different approach, attack, equipment, spell.
Looting - Advanced looting system, you can choose which items you wanna take and where you wanna put then.
Favorites - Many good options for save and load scripts, like Slots and Favorites.
Custons - May be customized and expanded in many ways using small scripts while also providing support for complex and powerful scripts.


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[Official] BBot Tibia 11.00 all version + crack Download

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Basic Features - Many different tools to help with various problems.
HUD and informations - Some HUD to make the game a little more fun.
Protector - You will need some help to sleep in peace.
Trade Helper - Advertising is the key to business
Friend Healer - Keep your friends alive and have fun.
And Many more.

-BBot bot for Tibia is a very friendly appearance and very powerful functionality. Currently, the majority of bots collapsed,has become the most powerful available bot for Tibia.
-There is no such thing as undetectable bot, but compared to the competition BBota detection is very low. BBot on the official forum, you read that only 1-2% of users have been banned BBot'a. most likely
this was the fault of users, and not a bot. You have to know how Bot!

Options bbot:

BBot Tools Menu , BBot Tray Icon , BBot Smart Say , Open Backpacks , Drop Empty Vials , Eat Food , Fishing , XRay , Framerate Limit ,
Reconnect , Server Save , Anti AFK Kick , Stack Items , Ammo Counter , Screenshot Advancements and Death , [OT] Auto Change Gold ,
Spells Timer , Magic Wall Timer , Estimated Creature Level , Skill Advanced Messages , Exp Statistics , Auto Show Statistics , Reset All Statistics
Protector , Low Health , Low Mana , Low Potions , Low Soul , Low Capacity , 30 Secs Stopped , Elemental Damage , And many more....

Supported Tibia versions:

8.5 8.52 8.53 8.54 8.55 8.56 8.57 8.60 8.61 8.62 8.70 8.71 8.72 8.73 8.74 9.00 9.10 9.20 9.31 9.40 9.41 9.42
9.43 9.44 9.45 9.46 9.50 9.51 9.52 9.53 9.54 9.6 9.61 9.62 9.63 9.70 9.71 9.80 9.81 9.82 9.83 9.84 9.85 9.86 9.90 9.91 9.92 9.93 9.94
10.00 10.01 10.02 10.10 10.11 10.12 10.13 10.20 10.21 P10.21 10.22 10.30 10.31 10.32 10.33 10.34 10.35 10.36 10.37 10.38 10.39 10.40
10.41 P10.41 10.50 P10.50 10.51 P10.5110.52 P10.52 10.53 P10.53 10.54 10.55 10.56 10.57 10.58 10.59 10.60 10.61 10.62 10.63 10.64 10.70
10.71 10.72 10.73 10.74 10.75 10.76 10.77 10.78 10.79 10.80


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[DOWNLOAD] Xenobot Tibia 11.00 + crack official

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XenoBot is a fully-responsive and optimal client modification for Tibia, featuring an arsenal of advanced tools. The software,
which is user-friendly, efficient, flexible and highly secure, works flawlessly on Windows operating systems and does not produce lag.


The cavebot can quickly advance your stats with its many advanced features: evasive stances, target prioritization, scriptability,
a supply refiller, and a loot depositor.

XenoBot provides many advanced tools such as informative xray, full light hack, a mana bar, anti-idle, automatic mount, creature information,
a food eater, and much more!

The scripter provides a plethora of useful functions which users of all skill levels can easily utilize in order to expand and customize

XenoBot, with the help of its support feature, will refill your ammunition, heal your character, and train your magic level. It can also
cure burning, electrification, curse, bleeding, paralyze, and poison, while holding persistence on haste, recovery and invisible.

#Heads Up Display
With ease, the HUD can chart important information such as recent loot, kill counters, spell timers, magic wall timers, damage totals,
experience statistics, and vital percentages.

XenoBot, with the features mentioned here (and countless others: combo bot, summon indentification, trade helper, etc), will always help


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Bots for Tibia 11.00 - iBot 11.00 / BBot 11.00 / XenoBot 11.00 + crack Official Download
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